Terms & Conditions

Wedding Bookings & Cancellations

Last Updated: 03 Apr 2024

All bookings are held provisionally until a non-refundable deposit is received together with a completed booking form to confirm your booking. Once confirmed in writing, the following terms and conditions are applicable.

Cheques should be made payable to: Serco Leisure Operating Limited. Upon confirmation an initial £1000 non-refundable deposit is required. 6 months prior to your wedding date 50% of the anticipated balance is required, with the balance of the total projected cost is due one month prior to the event. Any additional items on the day that have not been included in the package will be invoiced to you after your event. Payment of this invoice is strictly 14 days after receipt of the invoice.

Final Numbers

Final guest numbers are required a minimum of six weeks prior to the date of your event. Beyond this point guest cancellation fees apply. Simply ask our wedding co-ordinator for further information.

Cancellations & Postponement

Cancellation of a provisional or confirmed booking must be given in writing and sent to the email below and is subject to the costs calculated on the following basis: Six months prior, 50% of the package. Three months prior, 75% of the package. One month or less, 100% of the package. If you cancel your booking, we will endeavour to re-book your date, which may reduce the cancellation charges. However, this will be at the manager’s discretion and the management decision is final.

Cancellation by Bisham Abbey

Bisham Abbey reserves the right to cancel the booking if: a) The booking might damage the reputation of the Abbey. b) If any part of the Abbey is closed or otherwise unavailable due to events beyond our control. c) If the client, or the Abbey, become insolvent or, if the case of an individual, become bankrupt. In the circumstances of a) & c) any deposits over the initial £1000 paid will be refunded, but Bisham Abbey will not have any other liability.